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“Sometimes it’s the simplest ideas that make the most sense. Case in point: Blincclip, a simple, double-sided flat card of reflective material that’s designed to blink while you ride. It uses no batteries, has no mounts to affix to (or break), and weighs less than a dollop of chamois cream.”
“wonderfully simple safety reflector that simulates a blinking bicycle light. By swinging back and forth while the bike is in motion, the clip-on reflector “blinks” to attract more attention than a static reflector. I really love the idea of a simple product that can replace or supplement a more complicated one, so I am excited to try it out myself.  “


We sincerely thank the following for their supports and endorsements:

“Just a couple weeks ago, I discovered that one of my blinking lights was not working as I was  leaving work in the rain, so I can definitely appreciate the value of a low tech backup.”  
– James Thomas, Bicycle Design

“It is one of those Simple, but very effective, ‘why didn’t I think of that’ type products !”
– Mark Sander, UK, Designer of IF Mode, Strida folding bikes)

“The Blincclip easily clipped on my saddle rails and has stayed there through sun, rain and high-speed descents. It is reassuring that it is there jiggling away and making me more conspicuous on the road.”  
– Tom Webster, Bicycle infrastructure engineer /amateur racer