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An elegant solution to a common problem

For night cycling, we all know how dangerous it can be when your safety light died without warning. Suddenly, you are invisible to the drivers but you are not aware of that! Blincclip is a super reflector that will continue to maintain your visibility when you need it most. 

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A reflector that can blink? 

Blincclip is a dynamic reflector that alerts motorists more than other reflectors. It is able to move about on the saddle rails and which causes a blinking effect. The harder you pedal, the harder it blinks. It acts just like the hundred-dollar high tech light that you bought last summer. 

It is as bright as the brightest reflective road signs, thanks to its top quality 3M Diamond Grade material. 

Most importantly, it lasts forever without battery!


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“Sometimes it’s the simplest ideas that make the most sense. Case in point: Blincclip, a simple, double-sided flat card of reflective material that’s designed to blink while you ride. It uses no batteries, has no mounts to affix to (or break), and weighs less than a dollop of chamois cream.”
“wonderfully simple safety reflector that simulates a blinking bicycle light. By swinging back and forth while the bike is in motion, the clip-on reflector “blinks” to attract more attention than a static reflector. I really love the idea of a simple product that can replace or supplement a more complicated one, so I am excited to try it out myself.  “


We sincerely thank the following for their supports and endorsements:

“Just a couple weeks ago, I discovered that one of my blinking lights was not working as I was  leaving work in the rain, so I can definitely appreciate the value of a low tech backup.”  
– James Thomas, Bicycle Design

“It is one of those Simple, but very effective, ‘why didn’t I think of that’ type products !”
– Mark Sander, UK, Designer of IF Mode, Strida folding bikes)

“The Blincclip easily clipped on my saddle rails and has stayed there through sun, rain and high-speed descents. It is reassuring that it is there jiggling away and making me more conspicuous on the road.”  
– Tom Webster, Bicycle infrastructure engineer /amateur racer 

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Blincclip is founded by two designers, Francis Chu and David Jonathan, both are bicycle commuters.
Riding their bicycles, they notice the problems relate to cycling. These problems are the motivation and inspiration for searching a better solution.
In today’s car-centric cities, cycling safety is always on top of their minds.

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Our community of cycling commuters are growing. Each of you are part of a movement for a better neighborhood. Join us now and be part of that positive change towards society 🙂

IMPORTANT NOTE** Blincclip is not meant to substitute or to replace a normal cycling light. Blincclip is designed to be a ‘smarter’ reflector and a quick backup for extra visibility. Kindly refer to your own local rules and law for further clarification. Ride Safe!